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The transfer to Lignano is something that should be taken care of when planning a …

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The transfer to Lignano is something that should be taken care of when planning a vacation. Why is it so important? From our experience with clients, we understand the following. Many people think it’s important to book a hotel and a flight. But what they forget is that when you arrive, you have a problem getting to Lignano. First of all, most tourists arrive on weekends. And therefore these days all the buses are already filled. There is a long queue waiting for a free taxi. And only then many begin to search the Internet for service transfers. And of course, many services take advantage of the situation by doubling their prices.

Therefore, early booking of transfer to Lignano provides you with:

  1. Guarantee of the choice of vehicle class;
  2. Fixing the initial cost.
  3. It saves time and ensures the comfort and quality of your rest.

How to order a taxi transfer to Lignano Sabbiadoro

Of course we recommend ordering online. It is convenient to do this in advance when planning a holiday. We do not charge any prepayments for the order. Therefore, you can change or cancel your order at any time not later than 24 hours.

To order, select the airport of arrival, the dates of the trip and fill in the fields with your data. After receiving the order, we’ll contact you if we have any questions. Or you will immediately receive the confirmation by e-mail.

How does the transfer to Lignano take place?

Well, to start with, we track your flight online. So if the flight is delayed you have nothing to worry about.

The driver greets you at arrival hall after the luggage is picked up. If there is long queue at passport control and you see that it takes more than an hour, please contact us in order to warn about it. Or keep your phone on, and the driver will call you.

How to pay for the transfer to Lignano

The most convenient and often used method is cash to the driver upon arrival. You can also make a bank transfer in advance. Please, specify in the note when booking. Pay Pal and others are also available.

General information on Lignano resort

Today, Lignano is probably the busiest and most popular resort of the Adriatic Coast. It is visited by tourists from all over the world. Pristine beaches, warm sea and a huge number of cozy hotels designed for every budget level attract tourists.

The many entertainment complexes, a water park and playgrounds are located here. Both young couples and families with small children choose to relax here. 

Lignano Sabbiadoro – excursions.

Besides the taxi transfer to Lignano we can also organize individual guided tours in Lignano. If you prefer a group guided tours, we can combine 2-3 families for collective trips.

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