Transfer, English-speaking taxi from Treviso TSF airport, bus, train, cost and timetable.

This information will be needed for those who are looking for how and what to …

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This information will be needed for those who are looking for how and what to get from Venice Treviso TSF Airport – transfer, taxi, bus and train. Treviso Airport is 3 km from Treviso and 25 km from Venice.

On our website you can find several options for getting from Treviso airport by bus, train, shuttle, taxi to Venice, in Mestre, to Padua, to any of the cities in Italy – as well as how to order a English-speaking taxi at Treviso airport in Venice.

Taxi and transfer from Treviso Airport TSF.

The fastest and most comfortable option to get from Treviso airport is by taxi or by ordering a transfer with a Russian-speaking driver in advance. A big plus of this service is that the driver will answer your questions, tell you what you can see, where to go, advise guides and much more. When ordering a transfer in our company, you can get a free consultation, we can order a restaurant for you, help in buying an Italian SIM card, etc.

How to get from Treviso Airport by bus.

From Treviso Airport to the city, the N6 city bus runs. The fare is 1.30 euros. Tickets can be purchased at the airport terminal at the box office or at the Info counter.

If suddenly you do not have time to buy a ticket, then at a double rate you can buy from the bus driver. The cost is 2.50 euros. But in any case, a bus is the most economical way to get from Treviso Airport. Below you see the city bus schedule from Treviso Airport to the city.

Bus Schedule from Treviso Airport
Schedule on weekdays06.09 06.29 06.55 07.14 07.27 07.48 08.10 08.25 08.40 08.57 09.25 09.55 10.25 10.55 11.25 11.45 12.25 12.45 13.05 13.25 13.35 13.55 14.25 14.55 15.25 15.55 16.25 16.55 17.25 17.55 18.25 18.55 19.25 19.55 20.15 20.40 21.00 21.29 22.02 22.35
Weekend Schedule07.27 07.55 08.25 08.55 09.25 09.55 10.25 10.55 11.25 11.56 12.25 12.56 13.25 13.56 14.25 14.55 15.25 15.55 16.25 16.55 17.25 17.55 18.25 18.55
The cost of travel1.30 euros at the checkout in advance and 2.5 euros from the driver on the bus

Treviso Airport how to get there by train.

First you need to get to the station. To do this, the previous option is suitable, take the city bus number 6 to the stop “Stazione FS”. Next by train, you can inexpensively get anywhere in Italy. If you need to get from the station to Treviso airport, then on the same bus number 6 you need to go to the Aeroporto Canova stop.

How to get cheap and comfortable and quickly from Treviso airport to any city in Italy – ordering a transfer from us

The previous options are suitable for those who travel light without baggage. But if you take suitcases with you on a trip or travel with children, then of course it will be very uncomfortable with transfers on buses, trains, especially during peak hours. Therefore, we offer an alternative – to order a transfer from us, it is much cheaper than a taxi at the airport or ordering a taxi from the hotel. See for yourself by comparing the cost. We will offer the most convenient option just for you! Contact us! Book with us!

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