Milan Malpensa Airport Transfer

Milan Malpensa Airport is located 45 kilometers from the city center of Milan. According to …

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Milan Malpensa Airport is located 45 kilometers from the city center of Milan.

According to 2007 data, the passenger traffic of Malpensa Airport amounted to about 24 million people, making this airport one of the busiest airports in the country.

Needless to say, that if your trip to Italy passes through the airport of Milan Malpensa, it is in advance to take care of how to get from Malpensa to Milan or to any other point in Italy.

Malpensa Airport Information

Аэропорт Мальпенса имеет два терминала:

  1. For regular flights (T1);
  2. For charter and budget carriers (T2).

Terminal 1 is divided into three zones: 1A – serves domestic flights and Schengen flights, 1B and 1C – serves non-Schengen zones and transcontinental flights

The image shows the terminal diagram:

Order transfer from Malpensa

Transfer Order Milan Malpensa Airport available online on our website. To order a transfer, select directions, a car and fill out the form. Our manager will get in touch as soon as he receives the trip data.

Benefits of Transfer

Choosing a transfer as a way of traveling from Malpensa Airport will have several advantages, such as:

  • The driver will meet you at the airport upon arrival;
  • There are no additional risks, if you book a transfer in advance, you are guaranteed to get to your destination;
  • The route will be built in such a way that the trip itself takes place as quickly and comfortably as possible;
  • No lines to land.
  • No need to buy a ticket upon arrival at Malpensa Airport.
  • A proper organization for business travel.
  • You can order a transfer online;

Other ways to get to Milan from Malpensa Airport

How to get to the airport by bus

Buses from the airport run every 20 minutes. The bus will go to the central bus station for 1 hour. To pay for a bus ride per person you need about 10 euros.

How to get to the airport by train

In addition to transfers from Malpensa, Milan city center can also be reached by train. Milan can be reached by train Malpensa Express, which connects the center of Milan with both terminals of Malpensa Airport. The train goes through the following stations: Milano Bovisa, Saronno, Busto Arsizio. Tickets can be purchased at the airport ticket offices.

Advantages of transfer over train and bus

There are several advantages of transfer over a train that you should be aware of:

  • No need to stand in line at the ticket office to purchase a ticket
  • There are cases of staff strikes, as a result of the train may not go.
  • Buying a bus ticket does not guarantee dispatch. Buses go by filling, and the lines for boarding buses are quite large.

Disadvantages of individual transfer compared to train and bus

A train ticket is several times cheaper. The cost of a train ticket to Milan ranges from 14 to 16 euros. The cost of the bus is about 10 euros per person.

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