Cities of Italy

Favorite tourists cities in Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Verona, Pisa, Bologna, Genoa and others. These are the largest cities in Italy where it is quite easy for an inexperienced tourist to get lost. A good way out is to order an individual transfer in these Italian cities.

What is the difference between a taxi transfer in Italian cities

The service is not just a car delivery, but also a comprehensive accompaniment from the beginning to the end of the trip: a meeting with a nameplate and assistance with luggage, waiting for a flight delay, and, if necessary, small stops along the way.

What we do not take into account when ordering a taxi in the cities of Italy.

The main disadvantages of taxis in Italy. The language barrier – taxi drivers even in tourist cities often do not speak English. The second – it is quite difficult to find a taxi rank in the city. Most likely you will have to walk to the nearest station to get a taxi from there. The third drawback is that Italian taxi services do not have common applications or dispatchers. Therefore, in each city there are separate services in which it is difficult to wait for the response of the operator.

An alternative to taxis in Italy is English-speaking transfer companies. Which employ professionals who have been licensed and have extensive experience. And any of your questions will be answered in the English-speaking support service.

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