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How to get to Bibione Your vacation starts with a taxi transfer to Bibione, so …

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How to get to Bibione

Your vacation starts with a taxi transfer to Bibione, so think about it in advance. We often think that once we arrive at the airport, we can take a bus or taxi to get to our destination but unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out the way we plan it. Very often, we get calls on Saturday with a request for finding any type of transportation, but sometimes we can’t help them.

The matter of the fact is that according to the law of Italy, each region must have a limited number of licenses for taxis and transfers. This is intended to avoid creating vast competition and it also prevents dumping of prices. But, during a tourist season, there is a problem with the transportation shortage. It’s especially noticeable on weekends, when large number of tourists arrives here. It is why we are asking that you plan your transportation to Bibione in advance. 

Bus and train to Bibione 

In the summer, you can take a bus from the airport. It’s better to purchase the tickets in advance because there might not be any seats left on the bus on the day of your arrival. Trains don’t go to Bibione. If you need help in purchasing a bus ticket to Bibione, get in touch with us. We are always here to help you. And there is no doubt that the most comfortable type of transportation to Bibione is the transfer. 

Taxi to Bibione

If you need to move around the Bibione, we recommend a local taxi. You can request it at the hotel reception. If you just arrived by bus, you can find transportation at the bus station area. 

Transfer to Bibione

If you need to go from Bibione to another city, we recommend that you use the transfer services. Firstly, it’s going to be less expensive, and secondly, you can choose the appropriate transportation in advance. 

Transfer to Bibione – what are the advantages? 

1. Your vacation starts as soon as you get off the plane. 

2. You don’t need to search for transportation. A driver will be waiting for you with a nameplate. 

3. Do you have lots of luggage? Do not worry! We will take care of it. 

4. Do you need to make a stop? A driver will take short stops at your requests. 

5. Do you want to change the route a little? It’s possible for small extra charge. We ask that you notify us about this in advance, so that we leave the car at your disposal.

6. The cost of transfer to Bibione is known in advance and will not change. 

7. If you are traveling with children, you will have free child seats available to you. 

8. We can provide you with information about sightseeing tours in Bibione. 

Bibione. General Information

This resort has made itself known quite recently, but it has already become popular among many tourists. The main advantages of spending your vacation here are stunningly clean Adriatic Sea and beaches, fresh air, lots of healing springs, and quite developed infrastructure.

There are lots of things to do at the resort. You can get complete relaxation lying on the soft and warm sand, receive various health treatments, and engage in active forms of recreation such as volleyball, tennis, golf, or bike rides, and sea trips. 

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