How to get to Albarella transfer or train

Transfer to Albarella We offer the only comfortable option to get to this paradise island …

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Transfer to Albarella

We offer the only comfortable option to get to this paradise island – transfer to Albarella. And I must add that at a very competitive cost. This is because you book directly with the carrier, so you do not pay a commission of intermediaries, which is normally 30% of the cost. In addition, you do not need to make an advance payment, we trust our customers. You can change the route, reschedule the date or simply cancel the order the day before the transfer.

You can order excursions and additional services with us. Another plus of transfer to Albarella – we do not have surcharges for the minor services. For example, such as a child seat, water in the cabin, WI, English-speaking drivers, etc. But to guarantee the provision of these services, please make an order in advance. It should also be noted that we do not charge for waiting at the airports in case of delays. We do not charge extras for toll roads, parking, etc.

Albarella how to get there. Train. Bus

Apart from pre-ordering a taxi or transfer, there is an option to take a train to the nearest city. It could be Adria or Rosolina. Most likely it will be a train with 1-2 self transfers. Further from Adria or Rosolina you need to take a local taxi. There are no buses going to Albarella. This is a private island and entry is allowed only by passes. Therefore, we recommend you to book a transfer in advance.

About Albarella island

The private island of Albarella is today considered an ideal place for spending a family vacation, as well as young couples vacations. Located south of Venice in a cozy lagoon, the island attracts tourists every year. Among the advantages of a vacation here there are: stunning landscapes that the river delta gives, as well as a riot of vegetation, the comfort of the beach area with soft golden sand, which allows you to relax on the coast. Albarella is an excellent choice for those who are interested in a calm rest in the nature.

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